All vinyl windows are not created equal.
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TRI-BUILT Replacement Windows

TRI-BUILT® MATERIALS GROUP, LLC stands behind that creative expression you call home with everything you need to satisfy the artist, business person, and buildingin you. The beauty of an arry of windows styles, the brawn of the industry's strongest warranty, and an entire set of standard features and options you need to complement your creative style.

Offering durable, energy-efficient replacement windows and patio doors, the TRI-BUILT
® CUTTINGEDGE division of TRI-BUILT® MATERIALS GROUP, LLC was created with homeowners in mind. Call the Home Energy Experts today for your Free Energy Analysis!
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  1. ENERGY STAR: TRI-BUILT CUTTINGEDGE windows are ENERGY STAR-qualified and designed to save you energy and money while increasing the comfort of your home. The Extreme and Plus meet 2016 ENERGY STAR requirements.

  2. Duralite Spacer System: Unlike traditional spacer systems, Duralite doesn't employ metal which optimizes the energy-efficiency of the window. Duralite also provides improved condensation resistance and argon gas retention.

  3. Argon & Low-E: Argon and Low-E coatings help improve thermal efficiency. Argon enhancement increases insulating performance while Low-E glass coatings help reflect sunlight away from the home, minimizing solar heat gain.

  4. U-Values: U-value measures the amount heat lost from a home. The lower the U-value, the better the window is at keeping your home warm during colder months.

  5. SHGC: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures how much heat from the sun is blocked from entering the home. The lower the SHGC, the better the window will be at keeping heat out of your home during warmer months.
TRI-BUILT® MATERIALS GROUP, LLC stands firmly behind its products and proves its belief by offering homeowners one of the strongest warranties in the industry. All TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE windows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing homeowner satisfaction and protection from manufacturer defects for as long as they own the home.
All Vinyl Windows Are Not Created Equal
Built to last!
At first glance, you may think all replacement windows are basically built the same. But take a closer look and you’ll see substantial design upgrades that make TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE windows a pleasure to open everyday.
A foam-enhanced, multi-chambered mainframe, triple-pane glass, two layers of Low-E and argon gas enhancement make the TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE Extreme window the most high-performance option in the double-hung series. The TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE Extreme double-hung window features a 0.21 u-value, providing you with optimal energy efficiency all year long.
The TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE Pro includes surface-mounted locks and tilting sashes for comfort and easy cleaning. The double-pane insulating glass, metal-reinforced meeting rail, and multi-chamber construction gives you a comfortable and affordable window option.
With features like beveled exterior edges, mortised recessed locks, and a five-degree true sloped sill, the TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE Plus offers superior style with traditional craftsmanship. This crafted style is complimented by advanced engineering details like steel-reinforced meeting rails, foam-enhanced multi-chambered mainframe, and argon gas enhancement. With a 0.27 u-value, TRI-BUILT® CUTTINGEDGE Plus windows meet the stringent ENERGY STAR 2016 requirements giving you tomorrow's window today.
Tri-Built CuttingEdge Plus double-hung window
Tri-Built CuttingEdge Extreme double-hung window
Tri-Built CuttingEdge Pro double-hung window
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